3 German computer scientists bringing scalability to Bitcoin using zk-proofs

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  • Three German scientists formed the ZeroSync association to bring zero-knowledge proofs to bitcoin.
  • The association has received sponsorship from Geometry Research and StarkWare Industries.
  • Geometry Research is a crypto investment firm while StarkWare Industries is the software company behind StarkNet.

Bitcoin Currently Proof-of-Work (PoW) uses a consensus mechanism which in a way limits its scalability. its rival blockchain Ethereum Also used PoW but switched to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism via merge upgrade,

Three German computer scientists have formed a Swiss non-profit association called the ZeroSync Association to help bring scalability to bitcoin using zero-knowledge proofs (zk-proof), a cryptographic technique that has grown in popularity on Ethereum. .

What is zero-knowledge proof?

Zero-knowledge proof, commonly known as zk-proof, is a cryptographic technique that uses cryptography to prove the validity of information that is disclosed to the public.

Deploying kz-proof on bitcoin means nodes will be able to sync almost instantly, compared to the hours and sometimes days it takes to download the current 500GB of data on-chain.

ZeroSync Association already has a working prototype

For the time being, ZeroSync has already developed a working prototype that allows users to verify who owns what on bitcoin and transaction history without having to download the entire chain or use a third party. Is.

However, the prototype can only verify bitcoin consensus rules, not transaction signatures. The prototype is also a bit chunky and still needs to be optimized for security and speed.

When fully deployed on bitcoin, ZeroSync will allow the verification of bitcoin transactions using cryptographic proofs instead of relying on honest nodes as suggested by bitcoin founder Satoshi.

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