7 facts about Bitcoin casinos you need to know

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Bitcoin Casinos have seen a huge rise in popularity recently, with many people now looking for good games to play. on such Website, like the vast majority of online casinos, offers great bonuses. But what is unique about these crypto casinos is that they also accept payments with bitcoin, making it easier for those holding crypto.

bitcoin as a gambling financier

Bitcoin is the world’s most popular and most valuable cryptocurrency, It has grown a lot since it was first launched in 2009. Now one bitcoin costs about 195,000 NOK, but historically it has been worth even more. So anyone who has bitcoin has some money they can spend, and many people prefer to use it when they gamble online. This is partly because they are secured by blockchain technology, which ensures that no one can cheat or lie about payments or deposits.

1. First Crypto Casino

Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency first appeared in January 2009, when a man under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto launched it. One year and nine months later, the first crypto casino was launched. It was called SatoshiDice online casino, and they were able to accept their first bitcoin gamblers in October 2010. Here the first bets were placed on the K-League football league in South Korea.

It was no more than 0.2 bitcoin, which was US$24 at the time, and a little over 18,000 today. The casino still exists, but is not as popular. Part of the reason is that they do not accept any cryptocurrency other than bitcoin as payment.

2. Crypto gamblers are more anonymous

Despite the fact that gambling is a common and possibly incredibly exciting hobby, there are many people who wish to remain anonymous on various gambling sites. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including those related to work, benefits, and income. When you gamble with cryptocurrency, you have the perfect opportunity to be more anonymous. This is because crypto casinos online are completely decentralized and unregulated, meaning transactions are not linked to player identity, and the site does not solicit personal information from bitcoin gamblers.

3. Low Fees

With regards to deposits and games, there are some fees involved when gambling, which can be annoying for many people. On the other hand, when you gamble with cryptocurrencies, you can worry about them to some extent. There are fewer and fewer fees here as casinos are looking for cryptocurrency with lower transaction and exchange costs. Many bitcoin casinos also offer fee-free transfers for you. bitcoin wallet,

4. More games to gamble

Games are obviously an incredibly important part of playing at an online casino, and when you gamble with cryptocurrency, you actually have the opportunity to try out more games.

Many crypto casinos will offer more variety in games and games from a range of categories. Some crypto casinos offer both casino games and sports betting, and in some cases crypto trading as well.

On average, you can find between 300 and 500 different gaming experiences on such sites, and many of the games are completely unique to each individual platform.

5. Good Customer Service

Another great advantage of playing at a crypto casino is the good customer service. It has been set up so that you can always contact the site if you have any questions regarding transactions, exchanges, bonuses and games.

The best bitcoin casinos offer all of this and more, some pages even have VIP communication with some of the most loyal customers, and you can contact them on a number of digital platforms.

Bitcoin casinos are always digital and online, meaning both you and customer service can log in at any time of the day. This is a huge advantage, and a luxury you only get at the best casinos. This is one of the many good reasons to carefully research the casino you want to play at, so you can be sure it is safe and can provide the support you need.

6. New Casino

When you gamble online, you often find a casino that you enjoy playing at the most. This allows you to get to know the site well and play with the same user all the time. Still, it’s always exciting to check out new sites to see what new games are available, and whether there are various bonuses out there.

New crypto casinos are being created constantly, up to 150 casinos every year in fact! The online casino industry is worth a huge amount, and it grows every year, and among these we find crypto casinos, which are increasing in value.

There is a high demand for such pages, which is why many new pages are created every year.

7. Exciting Bonus

There is a response bonus for increasing the number of views people can run with. Pre-existing Pages must ensure that they remain relevant, and new Pages must be able to compete with Pages that already have many subscribers. They do this with the help of bonuses, which can be very fun and profitable for you to use. There are many different bonuses out there, for example welcome bonuses.

You can find these at the vast majority of online casinos, and they can have a wide variety of bonuses. It is common for them to have free spins, which can be used when playing a slot machine. In addition, you can get a deposit bonus, which increases your first bet by a specified proportion.

Bonuses like these make it a little more fun to get started, if continuing to play is more desirable.


Cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic ever since bitcoin was launched in 2009, and it’s no wonder that many people want to use them to gamble. Right now, many people are keeping their eyes open for the changes happening to the little brother of bitcoin and the network. It can also be used for gambling. Crypto casinos help to connect many hobbies and interests, such as gaming technology, money, cryptocurrencies, trends, sports, gambling and much more.

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