AltSignals (ASI) presale pace up as Fed hints at rate pause

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  • AltSignals (ASI) token sale continues as crypto prepares to react higher.
  • This follows the US Federal Reserve indicating a pause in interest rate hikes.
  • ASI Token could also benefit from the expected explosion in interest around Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects.

Artificial intelligence continues to make waves, with both consumers and businesses looking to tap into the opportunities being offered by technological leaps. Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, said in a Interview Thursdays with CNBC oh Internet may be bigger than revolution.

AltSignals, a trading signals platform that is looking to upgrade its algorithm by introducing an AI-powered layer, is among those attracting a lot of attention. The AltSignals pre-sale is ongoing, with Phase II nearly 70% sold.

Fed pause may cause more reaction in crypto prices

bitcoin price It is currently hovering near $29,000 after investors reacted positively to the US Federal Reserve’s indication that it may halt its interest rate hike trajectory.

The Fed signaled a more cautious stance after raising rates by another 25 basis points on Wednesday. The latest hike took the US central bank’s interest rate to 5.00%-5.25%. It comes amid fresh uncertainties over bank failures, warnings about the US debt ceiling and the ongoing issue of inflation.

With Fed Chairman Jerome Powell hinting at this in his speech, the next FOMC meeting is crucial for investors. With the end of the rate hike cycle looming, it may be time for markets to find new momentum, which we uncover Here,

The scenario in the crypto sphere will likely be one where interest in established assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others spills over into projects in categories such as Layer 2s, GameFi, Play-to-Earn and Artificial Intelligence.

Why Now Is A Good Time To Buy AltSignals?

Investors are likely to continue to look to bitcoin as a safe haven asset amid ongoing bank failures and economic crises affecting traditional assets. Crypto as a whole is also proving to be quite attractive as a way for people to diversify their portfolios.

If the expected bitcoin bull cycle begins, a rising market could drive ASI Token higher – a scenario seen with other projects launched during previous bull runs. As the crypto nears a historically bullish period with BTC marked for the halving, taking a position with ASI at current pre-sale prices could prove to be a great investment.

Even if crypto fails to embark on a new bull run heading into its 2024 halving, the utility provided by ASI and the adoption of AI-powered tools in the trading market are set to propel AltSignals higher when launched. may be sufficient. But as always, it is advised to remember that investing comes with risk, which is true for crypto, including new token sales.

What’s unique about AltSignals?

Launched in 2017, AltSignals provides trading signals and market alerts for cryptocurrencies, stocks and forex. Now the platform plans to upgrade its trading algorithms with artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing.

The upgrade is set to launch later this quarter via an AI layer called ActualizeAI, and traders will benefit from 24/7 trading signals along with improved accuracy and risk management. The system will be powered by the ASI token, a native token that will give holders access to all trading signals on the new AI-powered system.

Unlike many new projects, AltSignals (ASI) is a project that already boasts a growing community and a ready market for its product. Traded calls can be traded on major exchanges and brokers, covering all of the top cryptocurrencies and major forex pairs.

Taking a working product and bolstering its potential with new advanced capabilities is a strategy that could see AltSignals make big strides as a leading trading signals provider – enabling traders to take advantage of both bear and bull markets .

As for the ASI token, holding it will not only give the investor access to ActualizeAI, but also access to a membership club, trading tournaments, and the upcoming DAO. The AltSignals presale could therefore be an opportunity for interested investors to buy the tokens at potentially lower prices.

The AltSignals pre-sale is expected to end in the next few weeks, with the price of the token rising from $0.015 to $0.02274. The ASI token is issued on the Ethereum network and will trade on exchanges such as Uniswap when it goes live.

You can invest in AltSignals by purchasing ASI tokens Here,

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