Blockchain empowers people to take control of their personal data

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The CEO of ReCheck believes that blockchain empowers people to take back control of their personal data.

Emilian Anew, CEO and co-founder of ReCheck, a blockchain startup based in Limburg, Netherlands, has praised blockchain technology and its many applications.

In a recent interview, Enev said that blockchain is good for such processes and use cases where secure data exchange, traceability, automation and transparency are important. They said that;

“Digital ledger technology plays an important role as a layer and component on top of existing platforms that enable true ownership of data and the direct exchange of value between users. I believe the web Before 3, we need to achieve Web 2.5 – interweaving and integrating blockchain into existing systems. What’s exciting to me is this opportunity to take back control of our personal data and decide who we are. What information we share with you, as well as receiving direct returns on the content we generate. Another option is to own the platforms and products we use, and therefore receive a portion of the value generated by them.”

Several countries are actively regulating cryptocurrencies or are in the process of implementing regulations. Enev said he thinks crypto regulation will affect blockchain development in the coming years. he said;

“Regulations will definitely have a strong impact on that. On the one hand, they protect investors and consumers. But on the other hand, they can put brakes on innovation and create barriers for start-ups and small companies. It’s important to me that the rules are from the bottom up, not imposed from above, and that they don’t just privilege the big players.”

The crypto market has been in a bearish trend since the beginning of the year, mostly due to rising interest rates in several countries. Enev said he doesn’t think the market will improve as long as interest rates continue to rise. he said;

“As long as there is a restrictive monetary policy and high interest rates, it will be difficult to see a correction in cryptocurrency prices. I expect some notches to dominate in the coming years, and their token prices to maintain the high price of altcoins around There will be no value.”

The crypto market has lost over 65% of its value in the past ten months, with a total market cap now below $1 trillion.

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