CME Group unveis its Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures

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  • CME says that there is a growing demand for non-USD denominated crypto derivatives products.
  • The company is also planning to launch options on Ethereum futures on September 12.

Derivatives marketplace CME Group has announced that its Euro-denominated Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) futures contracts are now live.

On Monday, August 29, 2022, the company officially Unveiled two euro-denominated crypto futures contracts, given that the product “and will be subject to the rules of CME,

bitcoin euro and ether euro futures contracts

as announced At the beginning of this month, the Bitcoin Euro size will be 5 BTC and the Ether Euro contract size will be 50 Ether. The contracts are cash settlement, and will be based on the CME CF bitcoin-euro reference rate as well as the CME CF ether-euro reference rate, the company noted in the announcement.

,Our new Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures will provide institutional clients within and outside the US with a more accurate and regulated tool to trade and hedge the two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap.Tim McCourt, Global Head of Equity and FX Products at CME Group.

The offering of the two contracts comes after a strong performance, both in terms of overall growth and liquidity, for the derivatives giant’s US dollar-denominated bitcoin and ether contracts, he added.

CME Group is unveiling these futures products as the crypto market navigates a crypto winter that has driven down crypto prices. However, the demand for properly regulated non-USD crypto derivatives remains high.

provider too plan to launch An options contract on Ether (ETH) futures. The contract, in size 50 Ether, will be launched on 12 September, and will be subject to regulatory review.

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