DeFi protocol Tranchess introduces ETH liquid staking

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DeFi Protocol Trench Launches ETH Liquid Staking To Meet Urgent Need For Secure And Decentralized Alternatives Ethereum,

key takeaways

  • Tranches is a decentralized app that executes yield generating strategies tailored to the risk profile of users.
  • ETH Liquid Staking will enable users to earn from staked ETH while maintaining liquidity with the ETH-equivalent token, qETH.

The new tranche offering comes at a time when top holders of ETH are under scrutiny recently. The Fall of FTX Which was once the second largest cryptocurrency exchange. It provides a solution for secure and decentralized alternatives on Ethereum.

Offering Non-Custodial ETH Staking

Tranches ETH Liquid Staking fills a critical need for more decentralized entities to offer non-custodial ETH staking which is in line with Ethereum’s objective of being a secure, decentralized and censorship-resistant network.

Announcing the launch of ETH Liquid Staking, Danny Chong, co-founder of Trench, said:

“This launch is part of our commitment to deliver innovative and sustainable products for DeFi users. With the growing demand for more decentralized entities that have sufficient technical know-how, we are thrilled to bring our expertise in securing the PoS blockchain to Ethereum.

Liquid staking is especially important because Ethereum currently does not allow the withdrawal of staked ETH. With ETH Liquid Staking, validators can offer Liquid Staking services and also give token equivalents to users which they can use as collateral elsewhere.

Users will be able to deposit ETH on Trachea to earn yield through liquid staking as well as receive QETH which can be swapped for ETH in Trachea’s balancer pool.

about trenches

Tranches is a decentralized application built on the BNB chain and executes yield-generating strategies tailored to users’ risk profiles. It also remains the top validator of the BNB chain, which is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) The blockchain with the second largest Total Value Locked (TVL).

Validators of PoS blockchains like Tranches earn native tokens for processing transactions and Tranches has used this revenue to provide users with an additional income of 6 to 12% compared to the previous year.

CEO said:

“Tranchess provides a sound and transparent alternative to centralized entities that offer liquidity. As a top BNB chain validator, the protocol includes proof-of-stake on top of offering various risk-return solutions to users Validators have a solid technical background required to operate.

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