Eco-friendly Bitcoin mining pool PEGA will launch in 2023

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  • Pega Pool is set to launch next year and will become the world’s first eco-friendly bitcoin mining pool.
  • Pega Mining focuses on reducing the environmental impacts of bitcoin mining.
  • Customers who join the “Early Access” waiting list will enjoy a permanent 50% reduction in pool fees.

Pega Pool Will Become the First Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Pool

Pega Pool The first eco-friendly bitcoin mining pool is set to be launched and is expected to launch next year.

PEGA Pool, a platform dedicated to reducing environmental impacts bitcoin miningExpected to launch in 2023. The project focuses on making bitcoin mining more environmentally friendly.

PEGA Pool is owned and operated by PEGA Mining, a UK-based cryptocurrency mining firm.

According to the development team, PEGA Pool will focus on reducing the carbon footprint of bitcoin mining in order to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly industry. On its official website, the company states that it will plant trees to help reduce the carbon footprint of bitcoin mining.

PEGA Pool is currently in the pre-launch phase and will be open to the public in Q1 2023. Customers can join the Early Access waiting list until launch. The team added that the PEGA pool is open to all bitcoin mining customers, regardless of their renewable energy usage.

Pega Pool said that for customers who mine with non-renewable energy, it will use a portion of pool fees to plant trees to help offset their mining carbon footprint. Customers using renewable energy to mine cryptocurrencies will enjoy some incentives.

For example, customers mining with renewable energy will enjoy a 50% reduction in pool fees. In addition, there is a pool fee of 2% for non-renewable energy customers and 1% for renewable energy customers.

Customers who join the Early Access waiting list will get some benefits

The use of non-renewable energy to mine bitcoin is a topic that has received widespread coverage over the past few years. Companies like Tesla had to suspend accepting bitcoin as a payment method due to concerns over the carbon footprint during mining. However, the company said it intends to start accepting bitcoin Again in future as a payment option for your vehicles. Pega’s efforts towards ensuring eco-friendly bitcoin mining may be just what is needed to persuade Tesla to start accepting BTC payments again.

PEGA Pool is currently in its pre-launch phase, with the team adding that customers who join the “early access” waiting list will benefit from a permanent 50% reduction in pool fees.

PEGA Pools said it has so far planted 41,715 trees for an estimated annual CO2 offset of 1111t. According to their official website, the team states that Pega Pool was built by miners and is run by miners. With years of experience in the crypto mining sector, the team understands what miners need to be successful and profitable.

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