Interview: The future is interoperability – CEO of the Router Protocol

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Which blockchain will win? A common question in the world of cryptocurrencies. But in truth, the future is likely one of interoperability. Some blockchains will be larger than others, but many will exist.

I sat down with Rama Ramachandran on the latest episode of the CoinJournal podcast to discuss this issue and more. Ram is the CEO of Router Protocol, an infrastructure layer that aims to enable communication between blockchains.

The Rams have been in crypto for the best part of a decade, which means they have some pretty decent outlook on the recent bear turn and how it compares to what we’ve seen. Previously working in traditional capital markets, Ram also worked for rating agency Moody’s during the Great Financial Crisis, which means he has a unique perspective from his time at the center of the storm.

We discuss the bear market, why Ram believes Ethereum will remain king, the current economy, inflation, interoperability, running a start-up in the current turbulent times and much more.

The full interview is below:

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