JVH acquires Web3 social intelligence platform NFT Inspect

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  • NFT Inspect is a web-based app and browser extension for Web3 and NFT.
  • JVH Technology Inc. has acquired full ownership of Social Intelligence Applications.
  • Co-founders Stephen Mai and Evan King have since left the project to pursue other interests within the industry.

blockchain technology Firm JVH Technology Inc has acquired web-based app and browser extension NFT Inspect, keeping its focus on driving NFT adoption despite negative market conditions.

The acquisition marks a new chapter for NFT Oversight, with a new team in place more than three months after putting the brakes on plans to shut down the platform amid the crypto winter. nft inspection teased acquisition do on Monday.

JVH to drive Web3 and NFT adoption

NFT Inspect is a top Web3 social intelligence application and NFT hub with over 100,000 users, attracting a growing community as more people seek to tap into revenue generating protocols.

,We are thrilled to have acquired such a remarkable and popular Web3 project.Alan Satim, Head of Business, JVH, said.

,Inspect has already established an exceptional community, and we are excited to integrate additional resources into the inspection ecosystem while emphasizing community engagement and the fundamentals of Web3he added in a press release.

Satim said Inspect is a major player within the NFT and SocialFi ecosystem, and the acquisition is an opportunity to expand its growth. JVH plans to integrate other crypto, socialify and web3 projects, bringing new revenue-generating opportunities and delivering more value to the community.

According to JVH, NFT Inspect founders Evan King and Stephen Mai will transition to the new project.

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