Learn about OKT, a Cosmos-based altcoin now defying a bear market

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  • OKT Token Grows Double Digits Last Week

  • The cryptocurrency is given a boost by a new partnership

  • OKT is improving, but remains up

OKT, the native cryptocurrency of OKX Chain, made headlines last week. The cryptocurrency rose by double digits to reach $27 after trading at just $17 seven days ago. OKT has since cooled off and is trading at $22 as of press time. Technical analysis on the spot shows that the coin has been in an uptrend for more than a month. What’s driving up the price?

OKX is a Cosmos IBC-linked blockchain. It is EVM-compatible and focuses on perfect interoperability for high performance. Blockchain bills itself as the next generation platform for decentralized applications. OKEx Chain’s web3 wallet allows users to manage their portfolio of NFTs and tokens.

OKT’s profit follows the positive cryptocurrency news OKX chain. Blockchain has announced partnerships with social gaming platform Candy Club, DEX Network Lovely Swap, and Mayhem Asset Chihuahua Chain. The other firm in the latest wave of collaborations was market analytics firm Nansen. The collaboration enhances the utility of OKT as the cryptocurrency will be employed in a number of related use cases. Investors are paying attention and buying little-known tokens.

OKT corrected after meeting resistance at $27

OKT/USDT Chart by TradingView

A technical outlook shows OKT on a clear uptrend but currently correcting. The moving averages are bullish for the cryptocurrency and provide support. RSI touched overbought levels, but the correction continues. The reading is still above the midpoint.

Will OKT continue to grow?

The future price action for OKT will depend on how key synergies continue to drive it. It must be remembered that the broad market sentiment is bearish. Therefore, OKT should be viewed keeping in mind the bearish sentiment.

for interested investors buy okt, The levels around $19 should be watched. The formation of bullish signals at the level could attract buyers and push the price up again.

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