Litecoin creator Charlie Lee: LTC could rise to 10% of BTC

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  • Litecoin creator Charlie is bullish on LTC price.
  • In a Twitter thread on Tuesday, Lee said that he sees a lot of potential in cryptocurrencies.
  • He added that Litecoin was launched fairly quickly and has zero downtime in over 11 years.

Litecoin (LTC) Creator Charlie Lee Says He Sees Cryptocurrency as Having Value, Even If It Remains a Fraction of Value bitcoin (btc)The pioneering asset that inspired what is often referred to as digital silver.

in a tweet Posted Earlier Tuesday, Lee highlighted what he sees as an undeniable sign of major strength for Litecoin. He sees upside against the price of Litecoin Bitcoin,

,It’s hard to deny that there is value in Litecoin, a coin that has low fees, is protocol-compatible with bitcoin, has a game theoretic attack surface similar to bitcoin, is protected by its own set of ASIC miners, has been launched quite , and has a history of 11.5 years with zero downtimeLee said.

Charlie Lee Bullish on Litecoin Price

Sharing his price outlook for LTC, Lee said that he expects the digital silver to reach new highs. He notes that Litecoin is currently valued at about 1% of Bitcoin in the current market, which is “accurate”. However, with “a ton of potential,” the altcoin could rally up to 10% of BTC.

Lee says that the cryptocurrency’s high throughput, scalability, improved fungibility and privacy are key features that could aid the coin’s price.

According to him, a move to 0.0125 BTC is possible in the next bull cycle. On the downside, the LTC maker gives a Litecoin Price Prediction of 0.0025 LTC/BTC.

Litecoin traded at around $89 on Tuesday May 2, 2023, up almost 2% against the US Dollar on the day. Meanwhile, it was changing hands at 0.00307886 BTC, with the LTC/BTC pair only 0.1% in the green.

While Litecoin price reached its all-time high of over $410 in May 2021, its gains compared to bitcoin’s rally to its all-time high of over $69,000.

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