Long-term investors can buy crypto at low rates, says deVerge CEO

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The CEO of DeVerge Group believes that long-term investors are critical to the performance of the crypto market in the long run.

DeVerge Group CEO, Nigel Greene Discusses the Importance of Long-Term Investors in the Cryptocurrency Market recent interview,

With its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, deVerge Group is a leading independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organization.

Green added that long-term investors play an important role in the cryptocurrency market. he said;

“Markets are now predicting that policymakers at major central banks, including the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, are likely to remain determined to raise interest rates in their fight to beat unexpectedly stubborn inflation.

Five powerful executives at the Fed, the world’s most influential central bank, in remarks on Thursday, maintained a sharp theme that inflation remains very high and will not be deterred from raising rates. When they gather on November 1-2, we expect an increase of 75 basis points.

With more volatility expected in the market in the coming months, Green said long-term investors will have the opportunity buy crypto currency at low rates. They said that;

“Given the current correlation of bitcoin and ether with the stock markets, we expect more, perhaps increased volatility, in the crypto market before the end of 2022. However, for serious investors, this is not necessarily a bad thing. as will be seen.”

Green said major investors would treat volatility the same way they would treat such events in other financial markets. The DeVerge CEO further explained that;

“Key investors, including institutional, will treat it the same way as any other market turbulence.

Some of the best investors in the world consistently use market volatility as a prime buying opportunity in traditional financial markets – and the cryptocurrency market is no different now.

When used effectively and efficiently, volatility can be an extremely powerful investment strategy.”

Green said that despite the volatility in the current market, Bitcoin Remains the best performing asset in the world in recent years. he said;

“Bitcoin remains the best performing asset class in the world and has consistently been ranked the best for both the traditional and crypto investment sectors over the past few years.

Knowledgeable, long-term crypto investors want to take advantage of panic-sellers by buying their digital currencies ‘on the cheap’ to grow their investment portfolios. Serious investors will not be afraid of further volatility. This isn’t his first rodeo.”

Bitcoin is up by less than 1% in the last 24 hours and is currently trading above the $19k support level.

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