MEW launches wallet extension Enkrypt for Polkadot

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MEW is the leading wallet platform for digital assets on Ethereum, and Enkrypt brings its functionality to the Polkadot ecosystem.

MyEtherWallet (MEW), a leading platform in the crypto sector for access to the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem, has launched Enkrypt, a user-friendly cross-chain browser extension for Ethereum and Polkadot (DOT).

The web extension, which will support seamless multi-chain transactions for users on Ethereum and was first developed in conjunction with Polkadot, the Swiss platform Web3 Foundation, the MEW team said in a statement. Press release,

Enkrypt targets Web3 development

Ethereum’s impending transition to proof-of-stake consensus with the Beacon Chain merge and the potential explosion of Web3 technologies aided developers’ efforts to create browser extensions.

It is hoped that this feature will enable further adoption in the Ethereum ecosystem and tap into the interoperability capabilities possible with the Polkadot protocol. Cross-chain access will also be available through Parachain integrations, including top platforms Acala and Moonbeam. This feature will also extend to all Canary networks in various protocols.

,Interoperability between blockchains is a top priority for MEW users and an important step towards widespread crypto adoptionMyEtherWallet founder and CEO Kosal Hemchandra said in the press release.

Hemachandra said the Encrypt extension is designed to enhance the user experience as they interact in a multi-chain ecosystem.

Users can use the extension on the major browser platforms – Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari – and will benefit from being able to seamlessly integrate with their MEW Wallet across browser and mobile.

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