Nest Protocol token (NEST/USD) – what you need to know about the token

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Nest Protocol Token (NEST/USD) surged 50% on Tuesday before cooling off slightly. The token saw an increase in trading volume with a positive 24-hour change of 326%. We now examine this exciting token and its protocol in more detail.

Nest Protocol serves as a Web3 infrastructure platform. It facilitates the generation and programming of stochastic properties. the stage is set Ethereum, NEST, an Ethereum-based token, drives the protocol. This helps in meeting the liquidity needs of the platform. The token also serves as a reward mechanism for users who provide accurate price quotes on the protocol.

Nest Protocol Token is ranked #190 on Coinmarketcap with a total valuation of $76.64 million. The circulating supply of the token is 2.91 billion tokens, while its maximum supply is capped at 10 billion.

No clear fundamentals were driving up Nest’s price. The token saw a rise on the social trading platform. Will the bubble burst?

NEST Token Price Analysis Amid Increased Retail Interest

Nest Chart by TradingView

A technical view from NEST shows that the token is overbought with an RSI at 77. The cryptocurrency found resistance at $0.038, which resulted in the formation of tailed bars.

Looking at the general trend, the price momentum of Nest is bearish. The cryptocurrency has been witnessing erratic bullish pop-ups that have been volatile. As a result, a sharp correction can occur.

Should you buy Nest?

Buying Nest is speculative because the price lacks clear fundamentals. A potential bubble could burst after intraday gains cryptocurrency Stay in the bear market.

For a sustainable bullish momentum, NEST must clear the $0.038 resistance. This will depend on clear fundamentals emerging that will support higher price amid a bear crypto sentiment. On the downside, the level to watch is $0.016.

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