PODCAST: Crypto entrepreneur and Mirai Labs founder Corey Wilton tells his story

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I had a very interesting guest on the CoinJournal podcast this week.

A serial entrepreneur, Corey Wilton, tells me his story. A child from Australia’s Gold Coast, he failed to get into university. Today, he runs Mirai Labs, a Metaverse company with 75 employees based out of Vietnam, and has some great tales from the craze of the past few years.

It can be hard to find honesty in crypto, but Corey has it. Specialized in discussing the dark side of crypto – pump and dump, scams, and countless other issues – he also tackles his mistakes and roadblocks, including a failing company inspired by Dollar Shave Club.

For entrepreneurs in space—or indeed, entrepreneurs outside space too—it’s worth a listen (if you excuse my bias). Corey has learned many lessons despite his young age, and it is interesting to hear him talk.

Of course we also talk about blockchain gaming and crypto in general. This area has clearly pulled back in a big way, and we discuss this new environment and how the easy gains of the bull market are long gone.

I particularly enjoyed the blunt evaluation of a lot of projects that attempt to tokenize anything, regardless of use cases. The bull market is crazy to look back now, but Corey was right in it and has some interesting tales to tell.

Despite launching the metaverse racing game, Pegaxi, only a year ago, it rapidly shot up to 500,000 users before the bear market hit.

Corey now intends to build on, improve on his still-evolving game, and draw on everything he has learned so far. It was a fun one.

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