PODCAST: DeFi & Polygon / Ethereum, with Polygon’s Hamzah Khan

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polygon The world’s eleventh largest cryptocurrency – it really needs no introduction. Considered by many to be the flagship Layer 2, it helps solve a huge problem – that Ethereum Is a difficult cryptocurrency to use.

Even Vitalik has said that the future is a roll-up economy, with Ethereum as a layer 1, with projects like Polygon, so that regular people, you know, can actually use it. Can – without pledging to pay for gas. charge.

I hosted Hamza Khan, Head of DeFi and Labs at Polygon, to chat all things DeFi and Polygon. We bounced a lot, but covered great topics.

For any of you we have made a technical debut. Chats about Hamza ZKEVMOr the zero-knowledge roll-up technology, which was announced last week as a testnet, went live, thrilling many in the industry.

It was also hard to avoid the Reddit polygon craze it has been running for over the weekend, with the massive NFT collection reaching more than three million users on the social media site. Hamza talks behind the scenes with Reddit, as the company certainly launched NFTs on Polygon.

We really all jumped around DeFi. We discussed how TVL has come down so much, how Hamza referred to TVL as a “temporary price lock”, given its volatility, and how it affected the industry’s reputation last year as CEFI went down. – Despite DFI trucking so smoothly .

I found my favorite line there as always – that Ethereum is the “blockchain of the elite” – asking Hamza what he thought about the gas fee, and whether it would ever be resolved. And if so, what does the future of Polygon look like?

I also asked Hamza about the centralization of DeFi. running on centralized with so much space stable coins (Even as Vitalik recently said that Tether, Circle, and other providers could influence the direction of future Ethereum forks), is one of the pillars of DeFi being compromised? And more interestingly, does this have to happen, or is there an alternative?

We dance around these and many other topics, but it is at the core of this 30-minute discussion on DeFi and Polygon and what role Polygon might play in the future.

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