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The concept of identity in cryptocurrency is quite polarizing. People sometimes forget that bitcoin evolved from a niche corner of the internet, born out of ultra-liberal ideals, with self-sovereignty, anonymity and freedom at the heart of the thesis.

Of course, cryptocurrency includes beyond bitcoin, and today we have many different ideas and thousands of projects, some with similar goals, some with different ones.

Concordium is a layer-1 blockchain project that embeds encrypted IDs in every transaction that takes place on the network. This is intriguing because it goes against some of the discovery described as the original bitcoin vision.

We sat down for a quick mini-podcast with Concordium CEO Lon Fons Schröder to find out more about this, who says that “a lot of businesses go into action because you don’t know who you’re dealing with.” giving”, and asserts that identity is key to gaining trust in this space.

Other topics such as whether regulation is a positive thing (another thing that could send Maxis in a fit), the power of decentralization and the current market environment were discussed, and the time constraints have prompted Dan and Joe in Schröder’s answers. Prevented from digging too deeply, they will be put on the agenda for next time.

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