Polygon’s zkEVM mainnet beta will go live on 27 March

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  • Polygon zkEVM supports Ethereum tooling for frictionless scaling.
  • The Polygon Labs team expects the Layer-2 scaling solution to go live on the mainnet on March 27th.
  • zkEVM is fully tested and audited, “100% Ethereum Test Vectors.”

Polygon Labs is announced The launch of the public mainnet beta release for zkEVM will go live on March 27, 2023.

Polygon zkEVM mainnet beta release next month

The team that helped develop the Polygon (MATIC) protocol said in a blog post published on Tuesday that the Polygon zkEVM is coming to the public after a long winding roadmap. the news didn’t work matic price Equally the broader crypto market reacted to the US inflation data.

As per the details shared in the blog release, zkEVM has achieved several important milestones during this journey, including seeing zkEVM wallets top 84,000, generating over 75,000 zero knowledge proofs and deploying over 5,000 smart contracts is included.

The Layer-2 scaling solution seeks to bring even faster and cheaper transactions to the Ethereum network. And according to the Polygon Labs team, zkEVM has gone through two public audits and “100% pass of Ethereum test vectors implemented on a zkEVM,

,Security is a top priority, which is why zkEVM has been put through a challenge of tests and audits,” wrote Polygon Labs, adding that in the coming weeks the community will receive more details about the highly anticipated beta launch. There will also be full transparency to users and developers regarding security measures.

Polygon supports EVM-equivalent to zkEVM frictionless scaling, developers are able to build apps on Polygon using the same code as on Ethereum.

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