ShareRing releases its Web-based Vault Query Language

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  • ShareRing releases alpha version of its web-based tool Vault Query Language (VQL).
  • The alpha release allows users to test the query tool securely from within their Sharing Vault.
  • Sharering is a blockchain-based digital identity platform.

Sharering, a blockchain-based digital identity provider, is making it possible for its users to retrieve their profile data, all securely and with a seamless Web3 experience.

The platform recently announced an alpha release SharingVault Query Language (VQL), a web-based solution that provides a query tool that users can leverage to operate in a zero-trust ecosystem.

According to the ShareRing developer team, is a query language “Any computer programming language that requests and retrieves data from databases and information systems,

QL sends queries based on programming commands entered by the user, and the same structure applies with VQL. In this case, users can leverage the system to operate on QR code logic to securely access specific information from the ShareRing vault.

With the alpha release of VQL, users can now test the feature directly from their Vault without worrying about data security. This is because the user data in the VQL request is encrypted against the private key of the user’s vault.

Only the ShareRing ID holder can access the data, adding to the fact that VQL complies with data privacy regulations.

Setting up a ShareRing account

As mentioned above, ShareRing provides a blockchain platform where users can create and use self-sovereign data. Platform wise, this is possible through verifiable credentials that users can access and use seamlessly on Web2 and Web3.

Newbies to ShareRing can start using the platform by first downloading the ShareRing app on the Apple App Store, Google Play or Galaxy Store. The next step is to set up an account to get the ID and Vault before logging in to the customer portal – which will be public after the beta phase.

From here, one has to scan the QR code provided and once set up, proceed to create a question, test it and scan another QR code to get the answer.

Who can use ShareRing Vault Query Language?

While any user can use the ShareRing tool, the initial release will require one to have basic coding knowledge. In particular, users need these basics when setting up logical requests for personally identifiable information (PII), which leads to data extraction.

Basic coding skills are also important when working with QR codes and knowing how to handle simple actions like customizing, editing, and deleting queries.

However, ShareRing simplifies these actions, with users being able to access their vault and URL backend by simply scanning a QR code.

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