Tether and City of Lugano launch Plan Business Hub celebrating Plan’s anniversary

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  • The scheme initiative was launched on March 03, 2022.
  • The main objective of the plan was to expand the blockchain capabilities of Lugano.
  • Tether and the City of Lugano have launched the Plan Business Hub to celebrate the first anniversary of the plan.

it’s been a year now The planning initiative was launched in the city of Lugano., So far the scheme has brought crypto to over 150 shops and businesses within the city. As a result, Tether Operations Ltd. (Tether), the company behind the USDT stablecoin, has joined the city in celebrating this achievement.

When the plan was launched, the City of Lugano announced its bitcoin (btc), Tether (USDT), and the city’s own LVGA token will be accepted as payment for taxes, parking tickets, tuition fees, and public services. So far, more than 150 businesses and stores including McDonald’s have started accepting USDT, BTC and LVGA in addition to fiat currency as payment for goods and services.

To celebrate the culmination of a successful year for The Plan Initiative, Tether and the City of Lugano, on March 3, 2023, announced the launch of the Plan Business Hub.

The Plan Business Hub

The Plan Business Hub will help businesses adopt blockchain technology and explore long-term uses of cryptocurrencies in the European region.

The hub will house over 300 blockchain experts and enthusiasts and will serve as a global reference point in Lugano. It will also host a recreational space for meetings and workshops that promote learning and development. It is designed to attract talent and encourage networking and knowledge sharing.

Commenting on the development, Lugano Mayor Michele Foletti said:

“The goal of this collaboration is to make Lugano a center of excellence for blockchain technologies. In the first 12 months we have seen a growing interest and Lugano is now definitely on the world map, along with a few other destinations. The strength of Lugano’s plan ₿ is that it has been able to demonstrate the real-world use of blockchain technologies by practically implementing it for local communities in Lugano. Businesses of all sizes and scales have started taking advantage of blockchain platforms to improve their processes and we are watching before our eyes as Lugano becomes a model for the global adoption of cryptocurrency.

Since the plan was launched, Lugano has hosted numerous networking, outreach and educational events that have attracted people from around the world to meet and discuss opportunities for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption. For example, last year 86 students from 26 countries visited the city for the first time for the Planning Summer School, an intensive 2-week program by Tether that was hosted by world-class experts on the business, regulatory and technical implications of blockchain and bitcoin. Taught by ,

500 student grants have been set aside for future Plan summer school program students. Tether and the city of Lugano are also teaming up to provide additional grants to university students in the coming months.

For the 2023 calendar, there is the 2023 Plan Forum in Lugano which is scheduled to take place between October 20 and October 21. Tether will also continue its planned summer school program for 2023 with two sessions in the spring and summer.

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