TON launches new file-sharing and storage solution

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  • TON Storage is a new file sharing and data storage platform on the TON blockchain.
  • An incentivized node ecosystem means users can file and store data in perpetuity.
  • Users will use smart contracts to pay nodes using TONCoin, the native token on the TON blockchain.

The TON Foundation, the group behind the development of The Open Network (TON) blockchain, has lbegan A new decentralized file sharing and data solution called TON Storage.

TON Storage works similarly to the available peer-to-peer file sharing platforms where “torrents” are used. However, it employs the TON blockchain to allow decentralized transfer of data and files of any size, eliminating the need for users to use centralized servers.

The storage system also means users can enjoy automatically backed up and encrypted file sharing with an extra layer of security provided by blockchain,

move towards open internet

According to Anatoly Makosov, a founding member of the TON Foundation, the official launch of TON storage is long overdue.

,This technology can be used by both individual users and services with multimillion-dollar audiences,” he said in a statement. He added that TON Storage is a step toward realizing the vision of a decentralized, open internet.

As traditional torrents do not guarantee storage, but with TON Storage, that changes. This is due to an incentivized ecosystem that allows files to exist almost forever. To achieve this, the new file sharing and data storage technology will deploy a smart contract-based node system.

An agreement between a user and a node that the user will pay for file storage toncoin – In essence makes it possible to store files as little as possible. Toncoin is the native cryptocurrency of the TON blockchain.

,Anyone can become a node operator on the TON network and receive payment from other users for hosting files – even if only operating a single node. The accessibility of this new product will encourage new, independent users to join the TON network, helping the TON ecosystem grow even further.,” said the TON Foundation team.

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